Healing Abutment Care

Our goal is to make sure your surgery is comfortable and stress-free. The instructions we provide you will help to ensure your safety and smooth recovery. Please call us at Charleston Office Phone Number 843-554-5003 if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help improve your experience!

A healing abutment has been placed on top of your implant. Its job is to shape and tighten the gum tissue and to prevent food from settling around the implant. During the first month after your surgery the gum tissue continues to heal and tighten around the abutment. At the same time the bone strengthens and grows for approximately 4 months. This is a critical time to be gentle with your surgical site and implant.

Dental implant healing abutment

The healing abutment is screwed directly into your implant. The force from biting/chewing goes directly from your healing abutment to your new implant, so avoid chewing in this area. Tiny bone cells are multiplying during this healing phase so treat your implant with great care. Your implant should never be loose or come out. In rare instances this can happen and your first step should be to contact the office.

Dental implant healing abutment


Occasionally we put a plastic dressing or “band-aid” over your implant and you may not be able to see your healing abutment. This must come off within one week of your surgery to prevent food and bacteria being trapped underneath it. Once it becomes loose you should gently remove it. Do not re-use it. If you have any issues removing it please let us know and we will happily do it for you.

Home Care Instructions


Weeks 1 and 2 – Rinsing
As soon as you can see your healing abutment you need to gently but thoroughly rinse around it; morning and night with the antibiotic mouth rinse we have prescribed to you and also 2-3 times per day with salt water, especially after you eat. You are allowed to brush your teeth the day after your surgery but do not brush the healing abutment or surrounding gums.

Weeks 3 and 4 – Wiping
You may now take some gauze, dip it in the antibacterial mouth rinse and gently wipe the healing abutment 2-3x per day. You do not need to scrub or wipe with a lot of pressure, food and plaque should come away easily. Continue to rinse with salt water throughout the day.

Week 5 and Beyond – Brush Gently
You may now gently brush the healing abutment when you brush your teeth. You do not need to scrub or brush hard as you can still hurt the gum tissue and implant. Food and plaque should easily come away.

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