Post-Operative Pain Management in Charleston SC

Long-Lasting Pain Relief That’s Opioid-Free

As frontrunners in managing post-op pain, our doctors at OMSA are excited to use a cutting-edge medication that reduces the need for opioids called Exparel.

What is Exparel?

Avoiding narcotics as we treat patients for postsurgical pain is a priority for our top oral surgeons, and Exparel is a new medication that numbs the surgery site and keeps it numb for the duration of the surgery and long after. This means all that is needed to manage any discomfort during recovery is ibuprofen.

How does Exparel work?

Exparel in an injectable numbing solution that we apply to the surgical site at the end of your surgery while you are still under anesthesia. The purpose of this medication is to keep the post-operative pain to a minimum, providing sustained release pain management for up to six days following the procedure.

What services is Exparel used for?

At OMSA, we go out of our way to make sure you’re comfortable and safe. Exparel is an excellent option for any service we provide that results in some level of discomfort as you heal. In other words, Exparel is used to reduce discomfort after procedures that typically require some form of opioid for pain management.

The Advantages of Using Exparel for Dental Implants

Non-Opioid – Exparel is an opioid-free pain medication alternative for patients who would like to avoid the use of narcotics and their side effects.

Effective – Exparel is a powerful pain-reducer for localized pain both post-operatively and during oral surgery.

Comfortable – Exparel is administered when you are already numb, so don’t feel a thing.

Cost-Effective – Exparel is usually covered by insurance, making its cost a non-issue.

Exparel for Dental Implants and Other Oral Surgeries

Our implant patients find that Exparel provides not only a more comfortable experience but also fewer side effects, like drowsiness and constipation, than opioid pain killers. Dr. Porter, Dr. Ratliff and Dr. Doles look forward to discussing with you your options and whether Exparel would be a good alternative for you. Come in for a dental implant surgery consultation, and we’ll explore pain management options with you to ensure minimal pain during and after your implant surgery.

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