Why Choose Our Practice?

Oral surgery is one of the most challenging and highly specialized fields in dental medicine. It requires years of additional education and training after dental school and active residency at a teaching hospital. If your dentist has referred you to South Carolina Oral Surgery, they are confident our surgeons will perform your oral surgery with precision and skill. As oral surgeons, we offer many advantages for our patients that result in exemplary results.


While your dentist may occasionally perform specific oral surgery procedures such as tooth extractions, this is not the focus of their practice. Our surgeons do nothing but oral surgery, performing complex procedures daily and augmenting their experience with hundreds and even thousands of hours of continuing education. This way, we provide our patients with the most progressive treatment approaches.

Some of the procedures performed daily in our offices include:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Tooth extractions
  • Jaw surgery
  • Corrective surgery for facial trauma

Exceptional Care

Oral surgery is not simply an operation. We consider the treatment plan, pre-operative care, and post-operative care as essential to great results as the surgery itself. To ensure you are treated as the VIP (Very Important Patient) you are, our staff is regularly trained in post-op care, surgical assistance, and a broad range of skills to ensure our comfort and safety.

Clear Communication

Understanding your procedure and the expected results is crucial to successful recovery. We explain procedures clearly, answer your questions in detail, and respect your concerns. You will never be ignored or overlooked. Our surgeons and dental care team walk you through every oral surgery procedure, fully answering your questions and educating you on what to expect before and after oral surgery. We believe that patient education helps foster appropriate at-home aftercare for complete and quick recovery.

Oral Surgery Innovations

We are not satisfied with performing oral surgery without using all the latest innovations at our disposal to minimize the risk of infection and improve every outcome.

  • 3D digital imaging provides enhanced, highly accurate images of your teeth, gums, and soft tissues so we can develop highly precise treatment plans.
  • Platelet-rich plasma aids in the healing process.
  • A complete range of anesthesia options allows us to tailor your sedation to your needs and comfort level.
  • Hospital-grade surgical suites are conveniently located in our office for outpatient oral surgery.

Less Anxiety

Our serene, attractive offices put you at ease the minute you walk in. Throughout your visit, our staff members attend to your comfort and support you regardless of your anxiety level. Our oral surgery care team gets to know you as a person and will support you in any way needed to reduce your anxiety.

Choosing compassionate, experienced surgeons is one of your most important decisions. We strive daily to ensure our reputation stands on its own so that you will select South Carolina Oral Surgery for all your oral surgery needs.

To discuss your oral surgery needs and how we can meet and exceed them, contact our office

at 843-554-5003 or use our online registration form. We are happy to schedule you for a consultation with Dr. Porter or Dr. Doles.